Monday, October 17, 2005

Colla and John

Hi Everyone

The team was busy today. Part of the team was at the new orphanage and julie and I went on an excursion with some of the others.
We went out to buy a washing machine and some heaters for an orphanage in the mountains. The Government came in and was going to close down an orphanage in the mountains . They did not have any heat, running water or toilets. We are going there this week to get some heat in for them, but that will not be done until the weekend, and there is snow at nights there now. We will be able to get the portable heaters to them right away.
stoped to check out one of the homes that we will be fixing up. A single mother with 2 little children, 1 foot by 20 foot hole in the roof, only a little wood for the winter. Last winter she burned her furniture to heat the house, but now the furnature left is metal, and won't burn. Our goal was to work on the inside first, but the roof can't be left. I talked with the rest of the team and we decided there was no sense in fixing the house if they were going to freeze. When we asked, we found that 2 tonnes of coal to heat for the winter (and cook on) would only cost $40.... Tomorrow we will order coal. Photos of this will follow in a few days.

The photo inclosed is of a young boy named Colla. He is in the new orphanage in town

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