Monday, October 10, 2005

Tip of the ice berg

To me, my brother JW is the very tip of the iceberg.
Heres how.
He was my first point of contact.
I learned about JW and JW wanting to go on a mission trip several years ago. As they began fund raising it became very obvious to me that they were a small part of a larger organization. I had the opportunitry to sing at a fundraising event. I was astounded at the support and the passion. There I found that their organziation was part of a much larger organization. The deeper I looked, the greater the number of people and fellowships there were involved.

I have learned that the driving force behind these projects is an organization called Loads of Love. Please visit their web site at to find out more.

I am going to look it over and perhaps share some of it with you here at the actofkindness blog spot.

As I explore the "geneology" of the caring organization, I am struck by the fact that all roads seem to lead to one man. I'm going to learn more about that man and comment later. I am now inclined to say that there may actually be a different tip of the iceberg.

The tip of the iceberg is one person stepping forward to be Christs love in this troubled world. All it takes is one person and one Lord. He takes that an multplies it 10 fold. Like a mighty avalanche the love builds momentum and gets bigger. Many people are blessed and the blessings build in size and speed. One single act of obedience to Gods will. One normal everyday person being the face of Christ becomes an instrument to glorify God in a most mighty way.

Where is the "tip of the iceberg for you?"

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