Friday, October 21, 2005

What a Night!

This is maybe a little off topic but......
Last night I had my Old Testament class at Canadian Theological Seminary.
We were discussing missions and the fact that The promises given to Abraham
in Genesis point to a missions expectation of God. God told Abraham that He would bless him and that all nations would be blessed through him.

We talked about sess pool christianity, whereby the blessings that were intended to flow through us, in fact get captured and held. The "Living Water" that was intended for the nations, get caught up in these sess pools and they do not flow to the nations as God commanded.
If we do this, we are in fact wicked and disobedient.

So if we are grateful for the wonderful grace that God has given us, then we in turn MUST pass these blessings on to all the world and all the nations. We are adopted children. We are sons and daughters of God, having accepted Christ as our saviour. We are part of these blessing promised to Abraham, and therefore part of this responsibility.

Having heard this, I was cut to the heart.

Dear God
Thank You for Your Word. Thank You that You have called us to be Your People. Father I am sorry for my wickedness. I am sorry that there have been times when I have captered Your word, and grace and love and held it for myself. Father it is so great to receive Your blessings, but my tempatation is to think that I deserve it. Oh wicked is my heart Lord when I have not shared Your word. Father I pray that You might continue to find favour in me, and I pray Lord that I might have the wisdom, strength and conviction to see that it is shared with Your people. Father I know Your will is that none should perish. I know that it is Your will that You might be glorified through me, by me, through Your people and by Your people.

Thank You Lord for the missions127 team. I pray Lord that You continue to bless them, as they are more than willing to fulfil Your expectation of sharing.

In Jesus Saving Name I Pray,

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your prayer and for sharing your heart. My wife and I happened upon your blog because we are in the process of adopting from Kyrg. We know nothing of the area, and are learning through people like you. Needless to say, your blog is much more than informational, it is challenging to the core of who I am in Christ.

I hope and pray that you are continuing to fight the good fight and run the race Jesus has set before us. I know this post was put on here 2 years ago, but I wanted you to know that it was used by our Lord today.

God bless you all brothers and sisters,
Trevis & Rebecca Smith