Saturday, October 08, 2005

Bio's of this team

I wanted to give you some "bio" information on each of the team members. I have taken some things from your applications and am writing them here so that you can have a sense of the heart that your fellow team members have for this trip.

Here is the team God has put in place.
JV, MVE, SC, BAH, GB, JandJW, DW, and JN.

JV: (MVE's Mom)
I want to go with my daughter M to do mission work. I cannot think of anything more wonderful than to work together for the Lord.

MVE: (JV's daughter)
When N came back from XXXXXXXX last year it tugged at my heart to go. I was a bit frightened to say yes but between God's prodding and B's (husband) encouragement. I feel that this is where I am supposed to go.

I am a nurse and I would like to be able to use my skills to assist others. I feel God has opened the door for me at this time. I have prayed about going on a mission trip for years and I left the timing in God's hands. I believe the opportunity is now.

I want to help people in need. I know I have been blessed to be born into a country where basic needs are always met. I have learned compassion through hardship in my life, and I want to assist people in knowing how much God loves them. As well I know God is calling me to do this and I must obey.

My desire is to reach out spiritually and physically to needy people.

I want to be part of the mission trip because of the burning desire God has put in my heart.

JW: (no relation to D, except in the Lord)
When I sense the call of God to serve Him in the missions area, it makes no difference to me where I go or what I do. I love XXXXXXX and the XXXXXXXX people have my heart. That is now a given in my life. What I'm wondering is, how do the others in the group feel about it. Some people have a real desire and burden to go to a specific country or type of project, like an orphanage. I'm curious because I have been praying and will continue to pray for the hearts of those intending to go.

JW: (J's husband) This will be my Fourth Missions trip. So often our lives consist of taking a few hours out of the day for God, the rest of the time we busy ourselves with life. Something special happens when we say, " You know what God ,For the next three weeks, I am all yours 24-7. Use me ."

JN: When N had the opportunity to go to XXXXXXXXXX last year I really began to think about missions. It has always been my desire to be involved in short term missions. It has never worked out that I would be able to go. God has laid on my heart His desire for me and our church to do more, as well he has laid on my heart XXXXXXXXX. I am looking forward to seeing what God has planned for us, and how He will use us to be an encouragement to XXXXXXXXXand the Christian workers, and to bring hope in a very practical way to the XXXXXXX people.

Well that pretty much sums it up. Theese are the hearts of the team. I am certain that all those that could not be on the front lines, but chose to support this trip behind the scenes, share these same views.

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