Wednesday, October 19, 2005

While You Were Out...In action

What a day. we split the teams into two, and both returned late ...exausted.

The photo inclosed is of one of the homes we began to makeover. We were cleaning the floors with shovels and putty knifes. The old one legged Man had a hard time leaving, he was a little concerned. We did throw out his 6 broken razors, 10 broken raideos.....etc. We then went to the Bazar and bought carpets, utencils, plates, electric kettle etc.

Will keep you posted of further the real show, we are thinking that we will not get them done in time pray for us.

talk to you again soon.

Blessings J and J

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Anonymous said...

Here's BW...wife of DW...sister to SB!! How awesome to be able to make such a difference !! Thanks Don for this is so exciting and encouraging! Mission prayers are with you!