Tuesday, October 18, 2005

It was a hard day today

Hi everybody.

It was a hard day today. we began by touring an orphanage that had been recieving help for about 10 years and seeing how wonderfull it was. The kids were happy, healthy, and you could tell that they were being loved.

From there we went to the village orphanage. This was the orphanage that the Gov. was trying to close . Rathere than finding an "Orphanage", we found a young couple with three of there own kids trying desperatly to look after 17 other kids off the street. We brought them A washing machine, and three space heaters , and made arangements to go back this week with local work crews tho instal heating and water.

For us , we had not given it a hole lot of thought, when we each threw in $50 for this extra pojet, but were realy brought back to reality when we watched this lady break down and weep. The deadline for the closing of the orphanage was only a week away, and they would have all been on the street. it was quite a sight, we were all crying, We had a celebration feest cooked there and had lunch with them, then played some games and handed out crayons and paper for all the kids. We also left Tooth brushes and tooth past for them. We will be going back there for a few days.

We then went on to the next Orphanage, another one that had been recieving help for about ten years. There we went around to all the class rooms and spoke with all the kids and gave each child a box of smarties, crayons, pencle crayons,or water colour paints, and paper ( thanks Drew, Thanks to those from Crayola) The kids were so excited is was incredible how such a small gift could make such a difference. At this orphanage the Government does support it. It provides the land, a lmost enough food to keep them alive, and just enough money to pay the hydro, if they are carefull. Without support, I hjave no idea what these 170 kids would do.
attached (hopefully) are some photos of one of the houses we will be working on tomorrow (mother with two kids) and also a photo of Jenny giving out smarties.

Thankyou to everyone for all your support, to see the difference that we can make is mind numming, or as Dave keeps saying, "My Memory stick is full"

Blessings John

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