Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Give me your eyes

I had a very good meeting with Laurisa today...I must say though that my head ... and my heart were spinning by the end of it. Laurisa undoubtedly cuts the widest swath that I have ever seen in one person.... She has reams of papers and notes, and half a dozen little note books, all to keep track of the people she is helping. She truly has eyes for the broken hearted. She leads by example in her community and draws others to want to join her .

Today we went through stacks of notes and receipts as well as photo copies pictures all with explanations attached... I had Acel there to explain them to me, and for the next couple days she will translate them so we can get them posted on the site.

As we read and studied all the different needs we began to try to figure out creative ways that we can meat several needs at the same time... by linking and overlapping, we can accomplish so much more. We have a couple cool idea's brewing, that include some incredibly inexpensive apartment purchases, but unfortunately this means that I will have to stay clear of the village for the next little while... Laurisa will do the leg work ... she says that no one will suspect her of such a project... besides they will just think ... There goes that crazy Laurisa again, but if I am seen checking things out, prices will go through the roof... as it stands, we could possibly end up with as many as a dozen apartment for under $1000...by selling the first couple after renovations, we would be able to be self sustaining, and fund the renovations of the rest, and then have geared to income housing. as well it would provide needed jobs for some time to come.... This would also be an excellent location for a women's shelter that one of our other friends would like to open....

I also got some more updates on the activities at the invalid home over the summer... work continues to roll along, but the greatest work is in the hearts and the minds of these men.

After going through thousands of dollars worth of dreams, I said to Laurisa.. " You have helped so many with their simple dreams... what is yours ?"... she smiled and said that for several years now she has dreamed of taking a social workers course... there is one in the capital that focuses on all the government regulations and how the government wants all the records keeping ... it would also make things mush easier for her when it comes to dealing with governments... the cost of her simple dream is $600 a year for 2 years... the course is mostly distance education , and twice a year for 4 weeks she would live right in the city for intensive classes....

We have an outing planned for Saturday with the kids from the dump... we are thinking on a repeat of the skating and dinner out... the last one was such a big hit... also as soon as my other friends get to town, we will be having a dinner with the Mayor, the director and chief Dr of the invalid home and their spouses....


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