Saturday, October 31, 2009

Another M.A.D. money report.

Today was an exciting and hopefully life changing day for many of the families we know in Central Asia. People there have strong family honour, and bonds, but not in the way we would think of in the west. It is not a common thing for men to take an active part in raising a family for a large part of the society. Men do not spend time with or care for their children.... This is part of the reason that there are so many single parents, and one of the reasons that so many children end up in the orphanages. Our friends there are working to change that. Today they held Family seminars... they had work shops and teaching on FAMILY matters... then they had lots of time with family events... games , challenges... things that would draw families closer together... ways for families to have fun together... including the fathers... The whole time this was going on, we hired a professional photographer/ movie editor ( who just happens to be our very own Sergei) to film the event... He will then put together the video showing the families engaging with each other, and having fun... this will be then given out to these families as a training video for them to share with others... It will also be a reminder to them that Family does matter... Just another small way we are working to make a difference, and to bring HOPE and restore DIGNITY to our friends in Central Asia.... The day was a great success ...over 80 people came out for the day... photo's to follow.... Just one more event sponsored by M.A.D. money.

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