Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The last 5 days

We arrived home Friday , and were pleased to see the wonderful job that the workers did on the apartment . It looks great, I am sure Ed will love it. Then Friday night we went to visit our friends Lynne and Ruby. Their cottage is a 15 min. drive from our house in Canada, and their new apartment is a 5 min. walk from our apartment here. We had a great visit and a few laughs... we compared stories..... like we both bought the same cute little roasting pan, only to get home and find holes in the bottom of it.... whats up with that? Saturday was the picnic with the kids from the Church... We had a chance to sit with Elder Yang and listen to his stories ....very humbling when you hear all that he his done .....I managed to catch a rainbow trout... and for the rest of the day, I was followed by a dozen kids throwing stones and playing in the water where ever I went.....no more fish. Sunday after Church, the girls decided that they could not wait until Mon. to go visit the kids in the village... we had the bus, but no translator... we did quite well on our own. Monday we were at a birthday party for Lena in the morning, then out to the orphanage in the village to get the corn planted. While there we went to to see the house that was recently bought for the family of 5. I was so impressed to see that the garden there was ready to plant as well. We have been eyeing this project as a possible location for the youth team from Norwood... We try hard to make sure that we don't show favouritism when looking for projects........but we can't help it .... we have loved this family for years, and without coaxing, Emma and Bekah have taken a shining to them as well. We then stopped in the village at Larisa's to check up on Nikolia, He is still not doing so well . He is having a hard time with his legs.. we will be visiting him tomorrow in the hospital . This morning we took the kids from the village and met up with the kids from the town orphanage and went to a puppet show in the capital city, then to a park and bought them all cotton candy. We finished off with a museum....They all crowded into washroom... I thought maybe being the only guy there I should stick my head in to make sure they where ok .... they had figured things out just fine on their own... two peeing in the urinal and 3 peeing in the sink.....Yup, they were just fine on their own, so I quickly departed the scene.. After the Museum we piled them back into a couple buses and sent them home..
.... and we went for Canadian food at the Metro... Tomorrow we will get up early and go to the market to buy shoes for the baby orphanage , then deliver them in the afternoon along with some current photo's of some of the kids that have found their forever families in the past year. There are a few little ones that we are looking forward to visiting there. and maybe take a few photos for their Mama's .

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Ben Wright said...

I read this entry and couldn't hold back the tears. Not just because I miss you guys...but more so because it's amazing how realistically you guys are living out your faith - in some of the most tangible and relevant ways I've ever seen...