Monday, April 21, 2008

Capital City Wonderland

Yesterday we had the opportunity to get to know the older children at the village by taking them to Flamingo, an amusement park in the capital city.

First we went out for lunch and had shashlik. They ate as much as they could..... They found out later that they shouldn't have eaten as much.... They ALL threw up at least once throughout the day. After lunch we went to Flamingo. We got onto "Kamikaze", we were thinking how much fun the kids would have on it...... we found another thing out.... 95% of the kids were scared out of their minds and would never go on there again.

If you listen closely you can hear my name yelled desperately by Elmira, the girl sitting beside me.

After the park we went to the Metro, an American Restaurant, for pizza and a game of pool. When we got back into the bus, one of the older girls, Altenai, told us how she had always wanted to go to an American Cafe. That made the whole trip worth while. Gulnara had given everyone little barf bags for in the car..... and on the way home we had a little bit of fun with them.
Ularbek and Stepa were the comedians on the ride home
but as you know what goes up...... must come down.

Overall it was a very fun day!!! Thank you so much CMHA for making this day possible!

-from Bekah and Emma-


Anonymous said...

Grammy here. They should have asked me - I would have said, "Don't do it" It's right up there with chair lifts and camel riding.Weren't there any Merry-Go-Rounds ? Sounds like you had a blast anyway. Good planning Girl(s)!

LaJoy Family said...

I know many people who might not understand what a truly awesome experience this was for those kids, for they don't understand how sheltered and limited their lives are. I am SO GLAD that all of you are doing this, that "meeting needs" means more to you than bringing food and socks. These trips are not trivial or a waste of money, they are life expanding!!! Sure wish I was there to scream on those rides myself! Ok, I'll be honest, like Grammy said I probably would have said "Don't Do It! You'll Regret It!!!"...hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Ok, you guys are just NUTS !!!!