Saturday, April 19, 2008

Q and A's

Q."is it unlimited internet" A. "yes of course" what they really mean is "You can buy as much as you like ."

Q. "will you take 500 sum for it ?" A. "yes of course " what they really mean is "you dummy I only asked for 450 in the first place."

Q." is that North ?".. A "yes of course"..... think for a minute and re ask Q. "is that South?" A. "yes of course" what they really men is "Stop bothering me as I am trying to drive"

Q. "Can I please have two ?" A. "Yes of course" what they really mean to say is "I will give you three of the most expensive ones that I have

Q "Do you know Era ?" A. "Vlady?" Q "no Era" A "do you mean Natasha" Q "NO ERA"...... A "OH Era... Yes of course!" What they really mean to say.... "Why didn't you say Era in the first place?

Q."Did you have a good weekend ?" A. "Yes of course" What they really mean to say ..." My wife is sick, my kids are in an orphanage , I worked all weekend with my back out, and I have not eaten for 2 days..... but thank you for asking!"

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don said...

Ok so I wanna laugh because its funny, but then again, some things are only funny when retold by someone who may be exasperated. I took a trip to the hospital emergency ward with Deb because she hurt her knee. She's OK, but my dialogue of our 6 hour ordeal brought tears of laughter to one of my co-workers eyes. I admit it was funny, but only the day after. hahaha Yes of course.