Sunday, April 20, 2008

And an that farm he had a....nothing....E-i-e-i-o

One of the families that we have been supporting (Mother and 5 kids) has been given a house by our friends from"Loads of Love". It has a nice big yard and lots of little buildings for a small substance farm.... This is such a good fit because the older boys are the ones that care for and love the animals at the orphanage. They would dearly love their own animals. This is do able ... So many people have asked "What can we do to help" this is a great opportunity. As you can see from the prices here , we have something for any budget! you can help us with this by donating on line by following the donation link at (write "The Wright stuff" and the animal you would like to sponsor in the memo) or you can mail a check to our Canadian address. please make it out to Norwood Pentecostal Church.

Julie & John Wright
2141 4th line R.R.#3
Norwood Ontario
Canada K0L 2V0
(Our friend Cal will look after it from there)

Dairy Cow and calf $692.50 ....
(Bekah will pay the first $200 if someone would like to help her with this .)
Older calf alone $180.05
Medium size lamb $41.55
Small size lamb $13.85
Turkey $8.31
Ducklings $1.00
Chicken $5.54
Chicks $1.00
1 month old Rabbit $2.00
Full size rabbit $8.31
Donkey and cart $500

This is Bekah here - This is really important to me. I do not have enough money to do this on my own ... that is why I would like your help . Thank you.


Julie & John Wright said...

We just recieved our first pledge toward the Dairy cow,...
"We always see or hear about humanitary mission, but I never tought I could actually make a difference. Can you tell Bekah that I have sent a check for $292.50 for the dairy cow , it is not quite the amount she needed but I am sorry I cannot do more, I just wish I could"....WOW !
$200 and the cow is theirs..ptl.

Lori said...

I'm sending a check for $100 be used as you see fit. I wish it could be more; the adoption fees are on our plate now.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you do and sacrifice.

Lori Ennis

Julie & John Wright said...

Recieved this pledge today ..

Ti. - wants a chicken & 2 chicks (T loves birds!) $7.54
To.- wants to put his $4.00 towards the big dairy cow
M-wants a baby bunny $2.00
T. and I would like to contribute a medium lamb $41.55

Julie & John Wright said...

And it dosn't stop there.....


Our daughter shared with us today about the family that has a need for animals for their farm. Our grandchildren dug deep into their pockets to give to help someone else so, we decided we could dig

into ours too. We are sending $500 to PI this eveing to cover the cost of the donkey and the cart. If you find that it would be better spent on different livestock feel free to do so. Thank you for the opportunity to serve others in this unique way.