Monday, April 28, 2008

Martins head above water !

Hi Guys,

I finally got my head far enough above water to get back to you. Dropping 2+ weeks out of my usual schedule takes a little time for recovery. Maybe it shouldn't be that way, but I'm afraid I live in North far.

At least I have had time to reflect. And the more I do, the more I appreciate everything you guys did for me. We were taken care of every step of the way...from being picked up at the airport on arrival to "personal representation" trying to board the flight out of Xxxxx, when we got ourselves into a bit of trouble. That only showed me how much trouble we could have gotten into if we had tried to make to trip without all the inside help.

Everything inbetween was everything I could have hoped for. Challenging, fascinating, rewarding... I was surprised at how immediately we were well accepted and how easy it was to communicate through our translators. The workshops were full on unknowns and surprises but always rewarding. There was so much good energy.

It would be hard to pick out a highlight. The two weeks was a series of highlights. Even our layovers in Moscow turned out to be an adventure, hanging out with the homeless/countryless there. If I were to go back, and I hope I do, I would most of all want to go back to the village. I still wonder how Nastia (not at all sure of my spellings) is doing. We hung out together on the trip to the mountains. There are also a lot of faces I remember from the workshops that I would like to see again.

Special thanx to John's family including Emma and Becca who went out of their way to make me feel welcome and help out wherever they could. I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your adventure.


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Anonymous said...

All I can say is "It's a Good thing you didn't take that planned stroll outside the airport." It was great learning with you - let's do it again. P.P.