Sunday, April 27, 2008

Do the math !

Happy Easter... That's right . Today is Easter here in Central Asia. We had a great day at church. We love it when they sing songs that we recognize. Here is one of them that you might know. Nellie is the worship leader.


After the service we had a time of fellowship ...The piloff was excellent and being Easter, there were all kinds of yummy breads. If you look you might recognize this bus from earlier posts. We have a hired a 16 passanger bus here rather then buying a car. Every Sunday we have it do a run around town to pick up those that live too far to walk. Usually we get to the church after the bus arrives, and we leave before it . I was wondering what kind of responce the bus was getting. Well, today we watched it load up.... what a sight... first on the bus were a dozen kids from the town Orphanage... then 5 or 6 from the Bible college.... 5 or 6 more I did not know... Then Ira, "Sergei "?, no Ira,.... oh yes, of course, Ira, came running with friends and kids... about 8 more .... Oh, then two more families I don't know... about 8 more and finally they managed to get the door shut ... video

Oh ... here come 7 or eight more ..... any one doing the math ..... watch this if you don't believe me.......


We are now wondering if all three bus runs are this full!


The Freakshow! said...

Listen man. I am going to bring some vaseline over with us. That way you can give the "bus loader" guy a jar and if each person lubricates themselves I think you can at least get in another 15-20!
IS THAT LEGAL OVER THERE? lol! I am thinking when you can put a chesterfield on a wagon and run it through town while people are sitting on it....a crowded bus is no problem.

Anonymous said...

I operate the shuttle for my church with a 16 passenger mini bus. I can only imagine trying to stuff that to the gunnels. I wonder if they'll let me drive one in Tokmok. :)

Blair H.

Anonymous said...

Yup, this looks familiar. The big squeeze. But, heh, it's great to get those buses going on Sundays, eh? You can bet I'll be praying on Sundays about the safety of your passengers. And the church service and Nellie - awesome! The 2 videos were shown in church at the NPC on Sunday... your Easter Sunday! Pretty cool. Keep the blogs coming! I so wish I was there with you right now.
Much love, in Christ, Paula