Monday, April 14, 2008

What Next ?

If any of you have kids you know that this is a difficult decision for your own kids when finishing high school... WHAT NEXT.... now just try to imagine your son or daughter when they turn 16 and tell them that they must leave home even if they are still in school. They must now start life for themselves, and they can never come back... oh ya... they can only take the one set of clothes they have on their back and nothing else..... That is the problem faced by these and all the other Orphans when they turn 16. Fortunately for them, they are the exception not the rule. The director from their orphanage and our friends at PI have made a special deal with a local University, and they have agreed to provide FREE room and board ... and tuition for two years for the orphans. PI has hired two workers that work with the kids to teach life skills as well as watch out for them.. We had a chance to visit them last week to have tea and meet the director of the University. It is so nice, kind of refreshing, to see "hope" ......

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