Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Todays fun and adventures are brought to you by Marcy and her daughters

As you saw on the last blog, we had the kids to a puppet show and museum in the capital city..... well someone had to pay for that .... and it happens to be two special little girls from Warsaw, Canada. What a fun day it was for the little ones from two villages. Marcy your girls have made a real difference in these precious lives. It is so seldom that they get out of the orphanage , I am sure that they will remember this day for a long time.Even the Nationals got in on the fun as we went wild with the cotton Candy... every hand in the park was sticky when we were done ... Emma and Bekah had their hands full!

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Lori said...

Wright family...just know that you are so lifted in prayer for the many acts of kindness and Christian love you share and show. Your sight is a blessing to me as I see how blessed I am--and an encouragement to me to press on and if nothing else, change one child's life. God surely smiles every day as He thinks of your family doing His work.