Friday, April 18, 2008

Not where we thought !

Yesterday we cooked supper for the kids in the town orphanage... Spaghetti and meat sauce ,garlic toast and Cesar salad.... man can those kids eat.... We had a great time playing games as well. There were two new kids dropped off while we were there. The younger one wanted so badly to join in , but was taking his ques from his older brother... We just felt so bad for them. Please remember to pray for them... I have no idea why they ended up there, but I am sure they have a story.
This morning Sergey and Anya picked us up and we went to the market to buy food for a couple of families. we then went to the hospital to get one of Eara's neighbours in... she is not doing well. When I find out more I will let you know... We went to an orphanage in town expecting to find a young boy... He was separated from his best friend when he was moved from his orphanage and his friend moved to the US, but he was not there . Well the people we were bringing food to live in another village, so we went to the orphanage to look for the young boy. We were so thrilled when the Director said that he was there. We gave him a photo of his friend. wow... it was like Christmas. I just wanted to hug him, but I held back... did not want to scare the poor kid. lol... Here is a short video of him talking to his friend. ... look close you might know the rest of the story!
(Ok the rest of the story has now been posted on the blog of the family involved.... see how this all came to be at the Lajoy Family blog )
After that we delivered food for two families, then stoped on the way home to book a table for 23 at one of the road side yurts. We will bring the older kids from the Orphanage there after church on Sunday, then go into the amusement park in the capital city. ..of course we had to make more then one stop to see who had the best shashleek...yum....

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Mum says,'tell me that he has a forever family.'