Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Devine Love... The story of two girls who never met.

"How fine to live in the divine love. But it is even better when there is an opportunity to give the divine love for others." ...Pi worker Larisa

One girl, Marina, ( seen on the header of this blog ) was abandoned by her parents and had learned not to trust anyone. Kids her age made fun of her and treated her badly. When we found Marina in the local dump (in Central Asia) Marina was hiding. She had grown skeptical of a world that had caused her unbelievable pain.
The other girl, Abigail , grew up in Canada but one day got a wild idea. She asked her friends, for her birthday, to bring a donation to her party (rather than gifts) so that she and her Mom, Karen, could send the funds to a child, out there, who needed it more than her. Abigail raised over $200! Abigail and her Mom saw Ed Dickson's last newsletter and the funds were sent to a girl named Marina, with a picture of Abigail, and a note from Loads of Love saying, "Someone halfway around the world cares a lot about you!" .

The Big day Here is part of the report received an hour ago from Larisa ...When there came Sergey and brought money and a photo for Maria. And he has told this surprising history about her birthday.It was unusual desire the gift to pass for other child.This my heart has very much touched.We prayed for this little girl with a greater generous heart.And Maria has decided as to buy for Oksana and Valera gifts too. They have been overflown by pleasure.......It was surprising and the first her birthday In their life there were no such surprises before . She cried ...and said " that happens birthday? I thought only in films so happens. "And when was her birthday, at them there were many drunk people which fighted and never gave her of gifts.

This is the newest photo we have of Marina ...... Learning what it is to love again.

Thank you Abigail


Freakshow. said... are a FREAK!
I just lost it man.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a wonderful caring gesture this young girl has made.

Lisa B and Family said...

Another beautiful example of how an act of kindness and generousity can have an affect of on the giver and the receiver and all of us lucky enough to follow along.
It is a beautiful thing!

Anonymous said...

My nose hurts.

Drew and Rita said...

I hope Marina finds a loving home and family. I am moved every time I see the picture of her. She is beautiful, and I see the sparkle still left in her eye. Rita