Thursday, January 31, 2008

Is it not enough

Is it not enough that they care ?
Is it not enough that they give ?
Is it not enough that they go and look after the helpless hurting and lost?
Is it not enough that they put all that they have on the line, daily facing persecution and ridicule and risking their freedom and safety so they can live the James 127 call.
Is it not enough ?

I am challenged daily by those that we are partnering with and supporting in Xxxxxxx. In fact, I sometimes feel that I have not earned the right to call myself a partner....

The continual strive for excellence ...... when will we stop grumbling long enough to learn?

I just recieved this update from the head of our projects in a certain centeral Asian country .

Hello my friends !!!

We have some kind of job description with our team of sisters and we write there some rules, rights and duties

Which means that during the year sister has to graduate some kind of faculties ( go through some kind of

2007 year past and we do have some results.

Here is report-

Xxxxxx sisters Lxxxxx and Mxxxxx graduated school to be a massage therapist ( they even got very fancy diplomas)
And right now they are using their knowledge on their babies

Txxxxx orphanage # 30 sisters Lxxxxxx and Txxxxxxx graduate many faculties to be psychologists which is really
useful for their work.

Sxxxxxxxx orphanage sisters Lxxxxxx and Lxxxxxxxx graduate school to learn how to make stuff with beads and they teach
their ladies and children and we even brought some stuff with us for sell when we were in Canada in November.

Txxxxxxx baby orphanage Nxxxxxxx graduated school how to talk to def people and she can teach some babies who
cannot speak def language and sister Txxxxxxx is learning English language.

So as you can see all the sisters did their best, they did this on their own time and everything is very useful for our ministry.
Right now we are making strategic plan for this year in improving our qualities. We do not want to stop and continue get
More knowledge.


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