Monday, January 07, 2008

LIGHT in a DARK place

I often need to give myself a reality check. It is so easy to focus on helping kids. After all.. they are cute, they are Innocent, its hard to argue with..... and lets face it they are easier to raise funds for . In many ways I may be just as guilty as others for exploiting them.... I know the value of a good photo of a kid...."THE MONEY SHOT'. Many organizations have come to realize that if they get an orphanage on board it will unlock emotions in the West that will fund their operations. If it is any consolation, the organizations we work with like P.I., are very careful to ensure that designated funds make it to the designated locations. For that reason, I must always remember to post every now and then about some of the others we help.

I thought that tonight I would share with you a story about a blind society that we work with.

In the country of Xxxxxx we have a worker that has worked with and developed trust with a blind community. Prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union, they had a factory that was completely staffed by the blind. As a result of this, the surrounding apartments were all owned by the blind. Then in '91, when the empire began to collapse, the factories were shut down. Today this community still exists, and lives in destitute poverty. They are beautiful gentle and kind people. they have survive by caring for each other, but it has been so long that the community resources are almost depleted. When we first started working with them, Sam (P.I) and my pastor, Ron, went to see what was needed. After they had a little visit, and saw the conditions that these people were living in, they Asked them..." what can we do to help you" Then the strangest response..... "could you get us a light bulb"...... they looked at each other, and thought really what does a blind person need with a light bulb ? ... then it was explained to them.... if they leave the lights on, the cockroaches are not so bad ! You know how much does a light bulb cost ?... A little LIGHT in a DARK place ... I think that's something that we can offer.


sammyweltenpi said...

My friend I miss that guy. have a way of remembering things man. I was gripped again with "simple dreams".....what does a light bulb cost? Hello! It is 1:38am in the morning....thanks for helping me to remember afresh why I do what I do.

Julie & John Wright said...

Sam Just keep doing what you do... there are so many Sasha's out there that are counting on you.
Blessings John

Hilary Marquis said...

Thank you to all of you for serving in such a big way! I feel like I've barely made a dent, and I long to do more. I keep reminding myself of the "starfish story"...I made a difference to one. I hope someday to make a difference to many the way that you do. For now, I'll be a behind the scenes prayer warrior for you. May God bless your family and this trip.

Julie & John Wright said...

Don't cut yourself short a prayer warrior, you will not be behind us... you will be ahead of us...Thank you.
Blessings John