Saturday, January 05, 2008

Flights Booked

So the flights are booked.
Feb 11th 6:15 pm .....KLM to Amsterdam to Moscow
Feb 12 th 9 hours in Moscow......Aeroflot to Capital City
Arrive in Capital City 6:10 am Feb 13th

Our return trip is a little more complicated.
July 23 Capital City to Moscow, train to Saint Petersburg, then on to Estonia Latvia, and Lithuania, around Belarus to Poland then to Ukraine. then on the 19th of Aug we fly Kiev to Amsterdam and on to Toronto.

If anyone knows of some 'must see' locations along the route, or have contacts for a night to stay, let us know.

F.Y.I. 4 flights, taxes, inscurance, both medical and travel for the missions part of the trip .......$8400

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