Friday, January 25, 2008

They make us look GOOD!

In every project we do, we understand the importance of having a strong team of Nationals on board. Not only does it raise their profile in the community and give them a sense of "ownership", it also helps to bail us out when we bite off a little more then we can chew. We often enter into projects that outlast our visa's (no pun intended) ., and without their ongoing support the job would not get done. Often times opportunities present themselves for real impacting ministry, and my first response is always......we need to find a local to administer that... they know the customs and culture, they know the politics and limitations, and, lets face it, they can read between the lines when we are struggling to understand the lines. I believe a strong team of Nationals is the key to any successful mission. Here are a few photo of the recent work in orphanage # 30 in Xxxxxx.
This first shot is the 'before' shot of the existing washroom... plumbing did not work, and 120 kids used outdoor shed.
This is what it looked like when we got through with it....they say every thing gets worse before it gets better.... maybe this is proof of that .
This is what it looked like when our team on the ground finished bailing us out....

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Scott, Kami & Miranda said...

Hi John
How do we find out what our numbers mean for the orphanages. Like this one says #30?
Just wondering
Looks good. I can only imagine what they thought when you were done.
Kami H