Monday, January 21, 2008

Adoption vs. Adaptation

Really is it not the same thing....One is just a little more socially acceptable.... Now before getting too upset. Let me tell you a story.

On one of our excursions through parts of central Asia, We heard of an adoption house. We were so excited. There had not been any adoptions there that we knew of up to this point, and we were excited to see what we could do to help. We put together a small delegation that would go to this house, and bring some money and supplies . Well as they piled out of the car, things became a little muddled....
You see we had not found an adoption house, but they had found an adaptation house.

When they went inside, they were amazed to find so many people living in such impoverished state. Although the adaptation house had nothing, financially speaking, they had a JOY ... a Joy that comes from a fresh outlook on life. Like an adoption, these Men and their families had been given a fresh start, in a home surrounded by love. Now they will have lots of growing, lots of learning to do, there are still going to be many trials ahead of them, But with the on- going support of people like the team from AVP. they will be given the tools to look forward

They said that they thought they would never see food such as this again !

No mater how little they have, they always have enough to share.. you can see some of the men here packing small bags to bring to those still in prison and their families strugling without them .....

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