Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fwd: Merry Christmas

Dear John

We are so sory that long time not write fo you. We remember about you and your family, and Sergey not forget about your parrot(bird). Yesterday beside us was a home group and looked the photo with Canada we spoke of you and your family and have shown the photo of your parrot all laughed that beside Sergeya on head towel.
And we have shown fot one family, I don't know they name but they adopt one boy and one girl. Thay have a big, big horses. I want to say other word which (big ) too but I do not know how this word is write English :( this is like ( hooch) .
Oh I have found this word in dictionary HUGE :) Yes HUGE horses. How this family and girl. I remember her, and she have special place in my heart. I can't explain that I felt when meat with her, when tallked with her. If you can please say big hello for her and her all family, and say for her what I remember about her and her family.
How are you , how your baggage, is ready? Very soon we will see you. About visa, Ed will write for you. I did not write about visa bacause I did not know how I can explain in english :( I am sorry .
How your Russian?
John in your house I meat with one very good lady, but I don't know this is your mama or July's mama? Please say for her special hello from me, and hug her. She is very good and kind lady, I think that she is your mama.
I spoke with Ed about Aypery and spoke that he wrote for you about her and her mama. Now they all better.
About Ira. She is doing good. Every sunday she comes to church. And today she will go in home group. I talk with her son and he very pleased that his ma changed. Her younger girl has a problems with talk ( with speech) and for past week we have taken the girl in hospital to special doktor . Now girl her( Anya as I ) live in special kinder garten where her teaches speak . Each friday Ira it is necessary to withdrew Anya from kindergarten at home. We pay for kindergarten and give money for Ira each friday on road in the capital city to withdrew Anyu.
I have bought the cloth for Ira she goes in this cloth in church. Winter beside us cool in the night temperature -20. We Ire give saw she has sawed;sawn down the tree beside fence and this tree stomps the stove. At home very warm. She is ask about you, and say big hello for you and all you.
God bless you.
I Corinthians 16:13
With love Sergey, Anya and kids.

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