Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Leg Up for Gyana

For those of you that may not remember the story about Gyana, I will refresh your memory. Gyana is an old war vet living in town on a pension of only $12 a month. A couple of years ago, we had the privilege of doing a home makeover for him. With only one leg and no money it is easy to become depressed and allow life to close in around you. We wanted to give him a fresh outlook on life. For a week we cleaned scrubbed, plastered and painted. Then when everything was all cleaned up we did a little shop at the market and replaced those items that we thought that he needed. It was an incredible experience to get such an immersion into life from his perspective. When we were finished, we made arrangements for regular home care to help him maintain his home. One of the things that he shared with us is that a couple of days before we got there , two men from the power company came to see him. They dragged him out of the house and beat him up because he was 3 months behind on his bill. I spoke to our worker there and asked how much it would be to pay his bill and cover the next year.....$25 US.....you can only imagine how fast my wallet was open. On the plane on the way home, I turned to Ed and said " I think we missed the obvious.... we should have got him a new leg..." Well I shared this with our friends from Millbrook that were on this trip with us, and they were on it like a dog on a bone. Gyana has his new leg now. We continue regular support and Yes we still pay his power bill. I am always so busy when in town that never seem to get more then a five min. visit in once a year. I look forward to being there for a longer stay, when I can go over more often for a game of chess..( his chess buddy died a few Months ago.. I asked what happened, Gyana said "his wife nagged him to death" ) When I think of Gyana, I will always remember his response when we moved him back into his new home... "Thank God that you found Me....I think I lived my whole life for this moment".
Here is a recent update from Lena in town.

Do you remember Gena? He is get new leg!!!!! Thank you to all, who care about that!!!!!!!!!

My Dear Brothers and Sisters!!!!!! !!!!!!! When we together, we Power!!!!!!! When I thinking about you, about your hearts…..I’m cry. I’m missing and love you so much!!!!!!
With love

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