Monday, January 21, 2008

The voice of One calling

(Click on this photo and look into their eyes)

Deep down in the recesses of my sole , I can hear them calling .
There are still situations like this all over the world. So far we have just sort of stumbled across them.....
Feb 11..... we are going looking for them!


Maria said...

Praise God for sending you; thank YOU for hearing His call and going. As soon as I looked at this photo I thought of the verse, "What you do for the least of these, you do for Me." Bless you and your efforts. I will pray.

Julie & John Wright said...

I guess I should share a little more about this story.
I was working at an orphanage for disabled kids, building phisiotharipy equipment. This window looked into the court yard where I was working. All day for two weeks, this was the audience that I had. The kids were in this 12 x 12 room all day with only a bench around the outside walls. They were there because we did not have enough wrokers to look after them. $40 a month could hire the needed worker. We did not have enough money with us to do anything about it.... With in days of returning home, we had raised the funds to hire more help, and it was at that time that we began working to get workers into every government institution in the country....that dearm is slowly turning into a reality, ... and never again will I apologise for asking for help!