Tuesday, January 22, 2008

McJoyfull Christmas pushes deep into Restricted Nations

The Girls have been busy. Just because there is no Mcdonalds, doe not meen that thare is no McJoyfull Christmas. Here is a recient update from Xxxxxx

Children had a huge celebration in Xxxxxx (little village by mountains) orphanage.

This day Xxxxxx children had everything for the first time-

First party in their life

They ate sandwich for the first time.

They ate an apple for the first time…

Look how much they are enjoying their Christmas party….Their first banana and we had to teach them how to eat it

Everything they got was very new for them. When they came inside the cafeteria their eyes were

Shining looking around the tables-all the different kind of candies, different kind of cookies and many other things

We also invite all government workers to the party and they were so happy too like little children

Enjoying the party. Thank you so much for not only making children happy and giving us more opportunity

To have favor with government workers but… do you know that you also helping us to have more friends.

When we were going to Xxxxxx we prayed so hard because our car was so full, just stuffed with boxes

and usually policemen think that it businessmen and give them really hard time. They did not stoped us

and we were praising Lord that we went fine through costum but they stopped us on the way back…

and start asking us what did we do with all boxes and we start sharing with them about party and we

even showed them pictures from our camera and they said that they wish it will be more people like us

who do God's work and now they will always let us go without stopping us…

God bless you !!!

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