Thursday, January 10, 2008

Renovating your heart !

Does your heart come with enough room in it, or does it require a little work. When we need a little more room in a house, or a few more closets, it usually comes only after a little mess and confusion.... just ask anyone that has just gone through it... But when the job is done ... the joy... the excitement.... the satisfaction... you can't wait to show it bring photos with you everywhere in case anyone asks... you may even consider a dinner party in your new walk- in closet... well maybe not quite, but you get my point... So why, when we know that great things can be in store, do we protect our hearts so much from a little mess.....Is it time for a little renovations?

Here is part of an email I received from our friend Hilary that has recently adopted from Central Asia.

There are many children waiting in Central Asia with no chance of being adopted by their own countrymen. Anara's special need is minimal, she is missing parts of her fingers on one hand, and 7 of her toes stop after the first knuckle and two of them are conjoined. We specifically asked the director when we went to meet her, what her chances were of being adopted in her own country...the answer...none. People in Central Asia generally only adopt"Perfect" babies. She would've been an outcast. Can you imagine a child being "thrown away" here in the US because of such a mild deformity? I've been to Central Asia, and I've seen the children who are waiting and it rips my heart out to think of them living in institutions all their childhood and then being turned out to the streets with no skills,no way to survive. Their options: Steal or Prostitute. We hope to go back someday and bring an older child or another special needs child home...we have room in our hearts, Anara expanded it.

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Monica said...

She's BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT! We've been thinking about Kaz but lately my heart is really steering me towards Kyrgyzstan. We would LOVE to love a cutie as perfect as yours.