Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Where did that come from!

Last night when we went to bed, it was your typical winter night, maybe -4 with a nice fresh snow fall. I had not paid any attention to the weather reports, so when morning came and it was -17 and windy, I was not impressed. The van doors were frozen shut, and the battery was dead. As I may have mentioned before, it is my disdain for winter that is one of the motivating factors for me in missions...... with that said , you would think that I would be joining Sammy in a couple of weeks heading for Latinta Guatemala!...but NO, we get to go to the Himalayas in February!. I know that there is poverty and social injustice all over the world, I know that people are starving and kids are orphaned, but there is just something in me that aches when I think about throwing this bitter cold into the mix.
As I froze my fingers...putting the jumper cables on...I thought of the Orphanage director in Xxxxx who came to me a few months ago and thanked me for the heating system that my church had installed for them.. He took my hand in both of his , got his face right in mine and said "NO ONE DIED OF COLD LAST YEAR..BELSHOY SPACIBA!".....Then I thought of all our dear kids in the village, and wondered how cold it was there right now.
I decided to let the van run for a bit to warm up and charge the battery, so I came in and checked my email....I found this posting by Sammy.

I know it does not look like much in this picture but what you see is a new room for the boiler that heats the hot water for heat in the village Orphanage. You can also see some coal on the left. The team from Goderich left funds to build the new "heating room" on the backside of the orphanage. The boiler used to be inside the orphanage and did not have proper venting....we were told that when heat was needed and the heater was fired up that fumes and smell would float through the building. Not anymore baby! Below you can see the picture of the new pipes that have been added also so that heat can now be pumped into the boys section. Toasty!
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Suddenly I feel guilty for complaining about the cold...Oh Don't get me wrong.... I am still going to complain, I will just feel guilty about it!
Blessings from the frozen North ,


sammyweltenpi said...

You are hilarious.
Get going man. I love listening to your rants.

Tasha said...

Wonderful news about the heat in the orphanage but I'm with you about the cold, esp. the kind that gets into your bones. Brrr.