Monday, August 31, 2009

We have talked about HOPE, now lets look at Dignity

One of the things that we have become known for in parts of Central Asia is bringing the orphans to to Bazaar and buying them clothes and shoes... I have shared many times the impact you can have when they get an opportunity to choose there own outfit, or better yet they get something that actually fits.
Many may remember the dilemma we faced when we had a large orphanage we wanted to outfit, but could not figure out the logistics of it with our small group, so we did the next best thing, we brought the bazaar to them.
There is one vendor at the bazaar that was always so kind to the kids, he treated them with respect, and he even gave us great deals... so we went to him, and he agreed to pack up his 2 stalls and move to the orphanage for the day. That way the kids still got to go to the bazaar and choose there own cloths and shoes... I have not seen him very much since then... I watch for him in the market, his older son works there in the booth now.. I even brought him an official team Canada Jersey last spring...
Well I just received the latest report from my friends that we work with for the operations, and was so amazed that I had to call to confirm... My friend from the Bazaar's little girl was just sponsored for a cleft pallet operation. I never knew he had this need, and he never asked me.... Yet today I found out that we have had a small part in bring a smile to the face of a friend... So often the families can be nameless of faceless... I often wonder the storey behind the situation... you like to think that somewhere deep down they are GOOD people, or if nothing else by our interaction, they will become GOOD people... If he had asked for help, there would have been absolutely no doubt that we would have taken care of his daughter, but instead a system is now in place that he did not have to ask me, he was not forced to feel like somehow he was not capable of looking after his family...we did not require him to come cap in hand. A system is in place now that is designed to not only meet the need, but to do it with Love and understanding... .. if this is not what restoration of Hope and DIGNITY is about I don't know what is....


Cindy LaJoy said...

Don't you just love how God works, creating community in a circular fashion without anyone knowing it beforehand? LOVE this story John, and so glad his daughter could have the surgery she needed.

Freakshow said...

I love that guy.
He is the real deal.
Great report John.