Tuesday, August 04, 2009

One of my friends

There is a certain man in Central Asia that I have not shared much about. He is the Man that set up the foundation for the kids operations as well as working with the disabled. He provides walkers, wheel chairs, and physiotherapy. He is also helping set up resource centre / support centre for parents with disabled kids... all in an attempt to get parents to either keep there disabled kids, or in some cases bring them back home from the orphanages....

He has been a great support for me. Many times I have come to him with children in need, and he has helped me to get on the right track ... he and his team have been a great resources... What has meant more to me is that, at times when I am over there and feeling overwhelmed , or disoriented, a few minutes with him, and I have the wind behind my sales again....He understands what I am feeling before I formulate the sentence. Today I am understanding him as I read part of his latest post....

I just heard about 5 kids who all need help two need operations, one needs a wheelchair, one needs a heart operation and the other I don't know what they need going to see two of them on Friday. Can you say "overwhelming with little resources to help?"

My friend... I wish I was there to help .... I wish I had the resources .... I recognises that overwhelming feeling.... Just remember you are not alone...I am believing for an opportunity to Make A Difference. Hang in there, I will see you soon.

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