Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sugarplum Boutique.... Helping ophans worldwide

It never ceases to to amaze me the generosity of our supporters... truly understand what it is to be an "Every day Philanthropist" Daily giving of their time energy and finances to fulfill the simple dreams of the hurting helpless and lost...they get it... In fact they have us in their sights, and have already done some amazing things for the cause... For over a year now, families have had stable homes so there kids would not have to live in an orphanages... but the impact does not end there... special days, special Christmas gifts and outings, clean running water, life saving operations, and now .. get this... a new playground to be built while I am in Central Asia next month.... EVERY DAY.... they strive to put a little hope and dignity into someones life.... This desire to help has help lead to Sugarplum on going on line fundraising store .. with it's sole purpose to make a difference. Why not follow this link over and take a look around . You never know what you might find.

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