Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Just a quick thank you to all that are helping with the baby food and juice for the baby orphanage. The weekly drops continue to brought to them. I was able to send a bit more money over today that will cover them for another 2 weeks . This has been a great blessing to the orphanage as they struggle to provide for the kids. Normally when we bring food, it is brought to the store room to be recorded... today it was brought straight to the kitchen as you can see from the photo of Sergey below.
I have also received word that there has been a bit of a rumpling at a government level, and that by the first week of Oct the food budgets will be increased at the orphanages, and things should be back on track for them .. we had financially committed to help until September. I would love to be able to stretch that to Oct. now that there is an end in sight... The Director is very thankful for the support and wishes us to pass along her appreciation ... Thank you again.

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