Monday, April 06, 2009


Life in Centreal Asia operates under an entirely different set of rules to what we are accustomed to... Some things make sense, and some don't, but you have to just go with the flow...let me give you an example....I went into the phone company today to pay my Internet bill... while I am there , they handed me the Internet bill for Lynne and Ruby as well... We point out that this is not mine... they say "I know but you have to pay it as well " ... I think because I am English ....and I must know them or something ....for some strange reason, that makes sense to me... so I simply pay the bill and leave.... I have learned WHY ASK WHY ?


Anonymous said...

LOve this story!! Says it all.

Great chatting on the phone Johnny.

Lord willing, see you next month.


LAMb International said...

What a HOOT that was - coming over before we all head to the team only to find out we now have a new benefactor - paying our internet costs..Gee John, tks!!! And you even fed us dinner!

Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here ,laughing and crying with 2 of my employees
Because of your blog
You are an inspiration to us and you have really messed up my life
I can't wait to see you again and work with you in september
I have been ever changed by your example of selfless giving you really make me want to do more
Keep on letting God guide you in your work and love for him

Marshakka said...

Hey John maybe you should wait awhile before you pay your next bill, it'll be lynne and ruby's turn! lol ....with u Marcel