Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hope Returns

Tonight we went out to the seniors home for a "Family night"... It seems that we are always in such a rush, in , bless them and out. So tonight we went out armed with board games and food... Little did Jengish know that on of the men is the retired soviet champ in chess, and even traveled the world playing professionally.... If you look in the background you can see the new TV and VCR we brought them..... and by the way, they love having the new chairs... While we were playing, Ruby Jayne and Ann were busy in the kitchen cooking supper. We then served everyone on the new dishes that the team from LAMb brought them .
This next photo is what it's all about. While the Seniors are eating, you can see three young people singing for them. If you look close you will see that these three are all students from the professional institute that are sponsored through the PI scholarship program. They did such a good job, and were a real blessing to the seniors.
It was interesting to see their reactions while they were there ... Kamala found it very distressing when she saw the living conditions, yet we were just thinking how great things were getting... maybe we are getting a little desensitized... I better not bring her to the Invalid home.
Of course there is always a little twist to everything that we do... after the set was over we told Vataly that the guitar he was playing was now his.... it was a special gift to him by one of our sponsors... One of the old ladies Anna had shared with us that she had not seen any of her family for years... she had asked us to "speak" with her about seeing her family again... she said that in such a short time we had been in to see here many times, yet her family had never come to see her.... As they got up from the supper table, Anna had a special guest... it was he grandson that had come looking for her..... She has a little more spark in her eye's now.


Dan and Ingrid said...

Bringing Hope and Dignity to those that might not have it otherwise.

The harvest of your fruits is starting to come in. Thank you for going so far to be the hands that were once nailed to a cross.


Dan and Ingrid :)

Roger said...

It is so great to see how quickly needs can be met once we know about them. I am so happy that these seniors have furniture - something we might think is a right in north america . . . loved the story about the chess player! Good luck Jengish

miss you all Jody

Cindy LaJoy said...

John, thanks for sharing these stories about the seniors. While everyone always has a soft spot for the orphans and street children, these elders are also God's children and need our love and support as well. My heart has been touched deeply by the work in this home for them. Thanks! Cindy

Boy Wonder said...

Ok, I hate to seem carnal... but are those Russian army boots i see on Jengish?

Anonymous said...