Monday, April 06, 2009


Apart from a little rain today, spring is here in the valley.... Hassan posses for his photo...I think the only few seconds he was still all day. Norizza is all giggles as usual
Even Styopa gives this day a thumbs up.

Anya Takes a few minutes to listen to Sophia and let her know that someone cares.

Noriza and her brother little Izat share some time together at the park with us in
The City Isar bought a new Bus so we are now in the blue bus I wonder how long before people figure that out.

This is one of Jengish's photo's I found on my computer, so I will take liberty and post it.... I don't know which is harder... looking cool on a donkey, or in pink flip flops.....


Julie and John Wright said...

Awesome blog! We see that Jengish is having fun with mom's camera.
From The child at home
Winter's back :(

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your diligence on the ground and on the blog.
Sorry....It's my nose again!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos .. someone has a good eye.


pete graham said...

some how the man on the donkey is pulling off the look