Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The pain behind the face.

This is a land of contrast... the beauty all around contrasted with the post soviet concrete.. The kindness and hospitality of the people in contrast to the poverty that they live in . But what is the most striking contrast to me is much deeper then that.

Daily I come across stories and situations that are truly heart breaking .. Yesterday one of our Sponsored kids stopped by for a visit while she was in town looking at schools.. she had a friend with her.... This young girl looked like she had it all together..... she was dressed well, and looked healthy, and was very bright ... As I served Tea, she causally started eating everything on the table... It was like the commercial we have in Canada... when the lady asks for another cookie, and she is told ..."help yourself" so she puts the whole bag in her purse... I started putting more and more out and as fast as I made it she ate it... I started enquiring about her.. in the last three years, she has lost her mother father, her sister, and her grandmother... all that is left is her and her 75 year old grandfather... they don't have much.. they live on his pension from being a police officer which is a little more then most... $35 a month..... Now she was not asking for help and she did not seem to be expecting help... that was just the way life is for her.... she had not eaten for three days, and that did not seem to be anything horrible for her... that's just the way it is....

This morning Dr Tatyana arrived with a friend .. Again the friend looked like life was good.. she was dressed well. ( which I have learned can mean nothing here ) Dr Tatyana began to share... This Ladies husband has just died leaving her with 3 young children. The custom is that the wife is to go to the mountains for 30 days to morn.... this was just enough time for the husbands family to raid the house and take everything... including the family car... what is worse is that they have some how managed to steel the deed for the house as well and are now selling it too... she was left with 3 kids and nothing... Dr Tatyana was able to intervene and got most of her things back, but does not think she will be able to keep the house... she has until fall then the house will be sold.... In my mind I was imagining all the things she might be preparing to ask for... But no they just stopped bye to let me know that they had just run into my Babushka neighbour, and she has just knit a dozen pair of slippers for the kids at the orphanage, and wanted me to stop around to pick them up....

One thing that I have spoken about is that HOPE is not always possible ... it may even be a western concept.... Many of the people we run into here in Central Asia don't HOPE for better, because they do not know that anything better is obtainable..... just about every person you run into in a day here has a storey that we would make a movie about in the West...

In the last month I have not used a translator very much, so it has forced me to start learning the language, I always said that I wanted to be able to sit down and talk to some of the characters in this play, and now that I am starting to understand better, it is exposing me to the pain behind the face....

Sure as gold is precious and the honey sweet,
so You love this city and you love these streets.
Ev'ry child out playing by its own front door,
ev'ry baby laying on the bedroom floor.
Ev'ry dreamer dreaming in their dead-end job,
ev'ry driver driving through the rush-hour mob.
I feel it in my spirit, feel it in my bones,
You're gonna send revival, bring 'em all back home.
I can hear that thunder in the distance,
like a train on the edge of the town,
I can feel the brooding of Your Spirit,
lay your burdens down, lay your burdens down.
From the preacher preaching when the well is dry,
to the lost soul reaching for a higher high.
From the young man working through his hopes and fears
to the widow walking through the vale of tears.
Ev'ry man and woman ev'ry old and young,
ev'ry father's daughter, ev'ry mother's son.
I feel it in my spirit, feel it in my bones,
You're gonna send revival, bring 'em all back home.


don said...

Brother. May I repost this on my blog? I love you

Anonymous said...
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LAMb International said...

my favorite song - and it says it all,

hugs from Ukraine - we will be home soon, see you Sunday.


Anonymous said...


We have now a saying that says "Why ask why?", the reality is very often because we do not have a tangible answer that helps the questioner.

But I know this, there is a God that loves these people, enough to send passionate people half way around the world, past many, many other hurting people to help them out in their need for that day, and for an all too short period of time we get to feel the nails of the crosses they bare.


Dan :)