Sunday, April 19, 2009

From the girls at our other home

Today we presented an update of our trip at our home town and we were missing the main speaker. We did a pretty good job, but it wasn't the same. As for the food.... we're doing pretty good. :)
Bekah's choice was a great spegetti with peppers, tomatoes, and snow peas. Drizzled with marble cheese.

Mom made breakfast for supper.
But as can you see, we only have 2 meals worthy to be on the blog.... Although we are doing fine without our cook home we miss you very much. Keep doing Good work and don't miss us to much :)


Anonymous said...

Julie, Emma and Bekah,

We are all so very proud of your presentation this morning, without doubt we can see why these people in Kyrgyzstan touch us all through your hands.

When we see the work being done in Kyrgyzstan its the family of the Wrights that has taken this burden on. Very rare to see a family do this, to be so broken by their experiences in Central Asia to dedicated the whole family to work there is truly inspiring.


Dan and Ingrid

Anonymous said...

I was moved, impacted, challenged, excited .... that's it,I'm goin in May. :)


Anonymous said...

Don't let them fool you Johnny, they all did a fabulous job (especially your sweetypie)
Thanks to all of you - inspiration and hope for us as well as our Kyrgyz family!
Happy Easter to you and all our Treasures.

Anonymous said...

Whens dinner time you are cooking?