Thursday, April 16, 2009

Now Hiring ... Old one legged blind man !

Larissa was up early this morning, and had located our friend Pasha, and had him to the apartment by 8 am... she was so happy and excited that Pasha would finally be off the streets... Pasha, not so excited... It was a 40 minute ride that Larissa turned into a 25 minute ride ... the smell was almost unbearable. We arrived in the village, and everything seemed especially beautiful today , the way the sun shines off the mountains... we are at the end of the valley, another 2 minutes, and you are on your way up into the mountains. You can see the devastation left over from when the Soviets pulled out... the day the curtain fell, many of the villages were left unfinished and empty. I heard today how this end of the valley was full of all types of fruit trees, and had a kind of plum that was huge and could be found no where else... then Gorbachev sent out a law that all the fruit trees in the valley had to be cut down.... it was an attempt to stop the making of vodka....

We arrived right at breakfast, and Pasha was quick to join in for a cup of tea and a bowl of soup...
This lady had had a stroke, and no one would look after her... I am told the hospital kicked her out because they did not want the paper work when she died..... What a contrast when I see the care that she is receiving here... even the other residents are eager to help her out.
This young lad is the directors son. he is on the night shift, and often will stay at the home all night to help out if any of the Seniors need anything....

Anna was still excited that her grandson has started to come and see her... I think that it is because others have started to help out that the grandson is now starting to come around.

This beautiful old lady is the grand mother of one of our kids from the orphanage... She had told us that she thinks her Babushka may be in the village. We asked each of them if they knew her she was so excited that we knew her, and and had a ton of questions for us.... unfortunately I went out today and forgot to get a translator, so my conversation was very limited....
I did have a nice visit with all the babushka's back at their room.... then Ann arrived with a bag full of creams and makeup , so I ducked out before the party started.
When we were ready to go, Pasha thanked them for the meal and headed back out to the car... he said it was a nice place, but something about he would not stay there until he had his documents and a pension because he does not want to be a burden to anyone....he said that besides if he had his documents, he could get a good job and look after himself....

On the way home... eye's burning from the smell. I was thinking of how I could make him documents on the computer to make him think he had them..... It's not like he needs them to work... not a huge call for an old, one legged, blind man .


don said...

Hey Bro. I like the new layout and I especially like the pics. They are getting better and better. They speak volumes and really capture peoples emotions, and expressions.
Blessings to you John
Love Brother Don

Anonymous said...

The truth is, we are all one legged blind men, just need a John Wright to help us along our way.
To be thought of as worth the investment, I know someone who thought the same way.....he willingly died on the Cross for me.

Hard to comprehend being told that your not even worth the paperwork when you die......thats wrong, way wrong!

Thanks for putting things right Mr Wright.

Awesome work John, awesome stories.


Dan :)