Sunday, April 19, 2009

He has a life !

I don't know how many of you remember the story of Nicolai from last year..
We found him living in a building not much better then a barn

His home was beyond repair, so we worked at getting his health back and getting him into a seniors home.
This photo is him with Larisa just before going into the home.... A couple days ago, I had a chance to go visit him at that home... it is in the same village as the rehab centre. As I went in, I started to think that he may not remember me... He was in very bad shape when we met him first, and we were only there for about 15 minutes, then we visited him in the hospital for about 15 minutes... and now this is over a year later.... well we got to his room, and they said that he had gone to town that morning... so we waited a little while then left..... but fortunately he returned in time ... we met him in the hall... I was on my own, so he had no reference to know who I was, but the moment he saw me , the tears began to flow down his cheeks.. his arms went out , and I got a great big hug... he was so happy that we came to visit him.... We went back to his room, and it was pointed out to us that he still has his lap blanket on his bed... something that he cherishes.... The blanket was made by some seniors in my home town, and we use them to wrap around food hampers that we deliver...What was so cool, is that he was no longer lifeless... He has developed a personality, he has hobbies and interests ..... he has a life...
I was just sharing with a friend that a difficult as the lows are here, the over whelming power of what we are seeing around us is beyond words.... Lives forever changed, families restored, Hope to the Hopeless, and light in the dark corners.... thank you so much for all of you who have continued to faithfully support all that we are doing.... You are making a difference.


Julie and John Wright said...

mom's having a little cry...
love your girls
bekah, Emma, and mom

Anonymous said...

Awesome presentation this morning by your girls at NPC, but i know they miss you loads. But I also know that they know you need to be there too.
We are all proud of knowing our John Wright.
Stories like this one spell HOPE to those who have no other avenue of receiving a miracle.


Dan and Ingrid

Anonymous said...

It's all in the eyes!
♥ ejr&s