Tuesday, April 07, 2009


After a long day we just got back into the apartment for supper... I had made a big pot of soup for lunch and reheated a few bowls for supper... As I look over at Jengish, I am reminded of when our kids were small... he is sitting on the couch with spoon in hand and his soup half eaten, and is fast asleep... He is spent...he looks like a little child. Yet for the homeless men and babushka's of the capital city, he is no child , he is a beacon of hope..... All I have to do is look around, and I see incredible people all around me that share the burden for the hopeless hurting and lost of this world....All that they are and all that they have is on the line daily.... As I look over at Jengish sleeping there, I am reminded again why we do what we do.... By taking a stand with our friends here in Central Asia, we are hopefully giving them the hope and courage to keep on keeping on.... Once again I am thankful to all our supporters in North America , and all over the world for that matter.... you need you to know... this is good soil.

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Anonymous said...

Hey John!

I'm so thankful for this blog. I can
t tell you how much I miss you all over there! I received the phone call message from altynai on my answering machine, I was so sad I missed it! Please tell her I say hello and I love her soooo much! The youth team was so excited to hear the news about summer! Thinking of you all, and I am praying for you John especially to keep staying strong and persevering to do what God has called you to do across the world. I know God is still investing in you, so tomorrow brings a new day to spend all that you have one more time. Be blessed walking on that beautiful soil, while we walk on snow in Norwood.

Love and Prayers sending your way!
hannah bailey :)