Thursday, April 09, 2009

Another full day!

Early this morning we went to the Bazaar to finish up the shopping trips... We had two kids that were away when we took all the others shopping . Aisolo loved the attention she was getting from Jengish....That is until he got to busy with all his multi tasking..... From there we met up with Lena to bring her over to introduce her to a new family that needs her help. We had vitamins and blankets, cloths and some toys for the kids...... I think the favorite was a home made doll that we brought with us from Canada . From there we met up with larisa, and headed for the Mens Invalid home... We began with a meeting with the director... He was so thank full for all the help that has come from our readers. We expressed how much we admired Larisa and all that she does to help. He told us that word has been left with all the staff that we will always be welcome there, and that they are give us absolute cooperation with anything that we do there.... As we walked across the grounds to the home, one man came running out... I could not imagine anyone looking more awkward then he did, but the blessing came when I found out that just this week, he got up and walked for the first time in his life... he has shareable palsy, and wanted to show us what has just happened in his life... As I watched , thinking to myself, "This poor man" , he was beaming with pride at the great accomplishment in his life. We where then brought around to see all the rooms that have been fixed up, and I think every one of these 278 men came to me and thanked me for the difference in their lives that I represent to them... I was told that the director had personally had the maple leaf painted on all the rooms that have had a part in... he wanted me to feel welcome no mater where I was there... I went into the next room in our sights... It is the barber shop. There is this dilapidated room with four chairs... apparently he shaves 4 men at a time.... with one old safety raiser... he gets about 10 days per blade. Then I took a closer look at the home made hot water heater... It is a plastic jar with this thing in it

OK so this is made of two small plates of steel, separated by about 1/4 inch of wood... then the live wire is attached to each plate and it is dropped into the jar... the current flows between the two and the water heats up... the trick is to have no fuse, and not to forget and touch the water when the heater is plugged in.
This next man has just lost his legs, I think it was from frost bite this winter. He was in a lot of distress... finally the Dr came out and asked If I would come and "speak" to him ...
With in moments, There was this incredible peace that passes all understanding that came over him.... and no he was not dead!

This next photo is one that was so cool to me, It is of Larisa and Jengish heading into the room that has been given to Larisa to use to meet with and counsel the men ... This room is providing a light in a dark place.... After the tour, we stoped by the room of the "Radio Man" he is an old stone deaf military man. he is the Mr fix it of the home... they say that there is nothing that he can not fix... He then graced us with a little tune on the spoons, now apparently he is not the only one with tallent, Benson is quite the entertainer as well.... who knew!

We made it home just in time to join the team from Cleavland for thier good by meal of shashleek on the edge of town .


Anonymous said...

Incredible stories, not of history, but making the difference in the now.

Watch out for the water heater thats 220 volt and It'll bite :(

You and your team never cease to amaze us here in Canada, not of what you get your hands and feet to do but the compassion, passion and love you do it with.


Dan :)

Mala said...

I'm not being cheeky, but was he singing a Red Hot Chili Pepper song? Hmmmm, maybe the Peppers have been getting their influence from KG?!
Thank you for your continued stories of hope!

Anonymous said...

Hey, excuse me in my slowness :(
I too have been on the other end of your "speaking to" and also witnessed that peace beyond all understanding.

The Men's Invalid home is a place like no other I've been to, its a great comfort to know His peace is there too.

Dan :)

Anonymous said...

*sniffs* i love that song. Good job Acyl. I almost cried, but I am at school so i couldn't. Miss you guys a lot. Keep doing God's work.
love Bekah

Hilary Marquis said...

Once again...I have no words, but plenty of tears. Have a wonderful Good Friday my friend!

Julie and John Wright said...

We watched the video together at work before we left. Oh my we love it and we long for our life to be in Kyrgyzstan. Great day!
We love you,
with tears and joy,
Love Julie Emma and Bekah
Nyeshna nyeshna tsylavat