Friday, February 22, 2008

So now, I will eat crow.

Here I was feeling such joy and being rather smug. For a few days it was sunny and warm and spring was certainly in the air. Oh, it was lovely. I did have a sense of guilt or was feeling a bit sorry that you at home were getting more and more snow, but only just a very little bit. We got his 6 or 7 inches the other day and it is not melting. So now, I will eat crow. These birds are huge with long feathers like fur on their chests. We think they are ravens.

This is the garbage place that is just outside our living room window. The bars on the window are in a fancy pattern, there is a walkway, then a short hedge, a row of large trees, a parking lot and then the garbage area. Beyond that in the distance you can see another biulding and that is Telacom.

I will wait for spring. Julie's first posting.


sammyweltenpi said...

enjoy the meal of our fine feathered

Mum said...

Looks good on you. We're getting more tomorrow