Saturday, February 23, 2008

The kids are always so glad to see us when we come . But I don't know who is more blessed... them or us..... I must admit that it can start to be a little overwelming at times as the numbers grow. we are now up to over 40 kids.... and they all deserve to be loved.
For the mans Day Celebrations, We played some games. We divided the boys into two teams then had a competition to see which where the most "Manly"...With games like Getting dressed in a hurry for battle, pushups and carrying the women to safety contests. The finale was like any good soldier.....peeling onions. Amazingly it ended in a tie, so all the participants had to get a prize.
After the Games we had a fantastic meal of ploff and some of the best home made sweet bread rolls I have ever tasted.... One of the ladies that has just moved in with her kids is working in the kitchen... and can she cook!
The whole night , one of the workers there was so cold and could not get warm... that is until I gave her a sweater that was made by one of the ladies from the Hasting Knitters club.... Thankyou you again Ladies.
We all had such a great night and wish you could all be here with us, but the kids wanted all you men out there to feel a part of the celebration.
And what is a party without stunts in the hay!

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