Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fun and Games in Town

I think God knew that we were ready for a not so emotional day. We cooked supper for the kids at the orphanage in town tonight, but first, we tried to learn their names... it was a little easier as the names are more Russian here...

Then we had supper. For dessert we had some fancy cakes that we bought .

The girls would like Grammy Pammy to make a cake like this.
After supper we played some games with the kids... "howdy howdy howdy" and the clapping game.


PAT said...

looks like fun, John..learning all t hose names!!..say hi to all and the colours on the cake and yes I would like Grammy Pammy to make me one too!! was it delicious..and what was in it?..sorry..just curious..Pat

Anonymous said...

Hi Girl - about that cake. You could already do that. You have ready used all the tips. When you come home we will try it. -(May have to get some new colours)