Saturday, February 16, 2008

Off to see the Kids

Anya and Bekah on the way to the village to see the kids

Hurray for new mits

Every one is getting in on the action

A view of the mountains from the village


Scott, Kami & Miranda said...

Loved the pictures of the kids. What a blessing you are to all of them. Truly you are all Jesus with skin on. :)
I will look forward to following your time in Kyrgyzstan.
In Christ,

LaJoy Family said...

Congratulations guys! You made it! I will so enjoy reading all about your time there, so please post as often as you can and share EVERYTHING!!! God Bless,Cindy

imtina said...

Wow, it looks SO cold!!! I'm thinking about you guys every day that you are there. I'm really looking forward to all the posts and pictures. YAY!!!

Anonymous said...

Ya Baby!!

The Wrightly's (Hazel)of Norwood are gonna be thrilled to see the mitts she knit on kids that need them. :)))

Thanks Johnny


Anonymous said...

hnny ... Hey Johnny ... that photo with you, Julie and the kids around you ... those sunglasses on your head ... How much they cost??


Anonymous said...

Hey you guys! You all look right at home in these pictures. You certainly do belong for such a time as this. Glad to hear about Emma's bag returning to her. Still praying for you daily and again tomorrow at GAP.
You guys are great.