Monday, February 18, 2008

Exciting news

Ok so to you that is not so exciting, but for us this is wonderful. You are looking at the 3rd toilet seat that I have bought in Central Asia. The new rule.... no standing on the toilet seat!
All kidding aside we went to see Era today. She lives in the house that we bought a couple years ago. She is doing so well. She is one year sober, and leads a Bible Study Group in her home of about 20 people. Many have changed their lives as well and are also walking the sober road . The house she has is a duplex and the other half has become vacant. I thought that we should see about purchasing it, but today Era spoke with the owner, and he told her that he will be back in a couple years, but if she would like to use it she can. So now you should see the garden that will be going in. Era has already started planting the plants in her window to start them off. She was asking me about the sweet corn.... oh ya baby ... we are going to have sweet corn ....
Olga and her husband and new baby are coming over to the apartment for supper tonight ... It will be nice to see them.
Till tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Nice blue ride!


Anonymous said...
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Julie & John Wright said...

That last comment was ment to come through private....oops

don said...

hahaha reminds me of a joke my grannie used to tell. What colour was the toilet........BBBBLLLLUUUEEE