Thursday, February 14, 2008

Emma has Clothes again !

We went out to the market today to buy a few things, then took a drive back to the village to check out a furniture store. We are looking for a few things for the apartment. When we came out of the store, a fancy black car with tinted windows pulled up behind us blocking us in... A man in a dark suit with a long dress coat and dark glasses got out.... Came over to us and said ..... Please come and inspect your bag.. it was Emma's missing bag... Emma turned to us and said.... "how did they do that".... A lot goes on that we do not know about !


sammyweltenpi said...

Sounds like the "Mafia" is now into the returning "lost luggage" business. Awesome!

Dan Bailey :) said...

Johnny my man, great to hera that all is well all that you can be


PAT said...

Sounds like they are watching you guys, so we will be praying for you..with love, the Lehmans

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an Angel in black
Knock 'em dead Johnny

PAT said...

hey! emma glad you found your bag I thought it was really funny when I found out that you lost it!! but we will be praying god bless! samantha lehman

Anonymous said...

I hope no one is too surprised.

The devil is the Lords delivery boy.

Great to hear