Monday, February 11, 2008

More great things happening in the village !

Well, I have a wonderful update about Aipery. Many of you may remember her, if not check posts from a few weeks back to learn more.... She was the girl that fell and hurt herself. Well today we received some more exciting news.

Hello dear John.
I have a good news about Aypery and her famaly. Aypery now is walk, and feels good.
Ed has bought house in village and has said that in this house of the vein Ayperi and her family praise God. Now this family have the house. Now we doing pasport for her mam ( her mam not have the pasport). When Sergey has shown him house and has said that now they can here live they all cried, and after children has run to look rooms and said "This my will be a room - my room " this was so beautifully see as all of these lucky.God bless you.
With love
Sergey, Anya and kids.

This is Aipery (second from the right) with her sister and our friends Ruby and Lynn from Lamb International giving thanks for this new beginning for their family.

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Hilary Marquis said...

Keep up the good work guys! We're behind you all in prayer daily. Safe travel.