Saturday, February 23, 2008

Off to the market

We met up with Sergey and Anya today around 1:30, and headed to the market.... I am not one for crowds, and at home I tend to melt down when faced with a line up, but for some reason, I love the sights and sounds of the market. We had to stop there to pick up supplies to bring out to the Mans day celebration in the village. First we bought some Pop then it was off to get some apples and oranges .... because we should.....

Even Emma seems to like the market... Just don't ask her to make any decisions.

After the fruit...we went for the good stuff... the candies and the cookies.

You can meet some very interesting people in the market.... but then I bet they say the same thing about us.

After shopping, It was off to the orphanage for a party. Here is the pile of treats we brought... and that does not include the hockey bag full of hand made hats, mitts, and sweaters.

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